Impacts to Accounting & Finance by Artificial Intelligence Automation

Posted by Martin Liwosz on January 15, 2018

As business implements more and more technology to streamline their operations the benefits of saving time, minimising costs, increasing productivity and better accuracy are starting to be realised. This means this is hardly a trend that will fade anytime soon. If you or your business are not 'there yet' it’s better to catch up now rather than being left behind with the rest of the competition.

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A junior developers journey: The next step

Posted by Nick McKell on January 8, 2018

The last week have been great in that I have been grinding away at our Planning Analytics + Workspace work and preparing myself for workshops and presentations.

I am happy with how it is progressing in terms of content and the approach that we are taking. Working from home for majority of the last week has been a saving grace too. The extra 2 hours I get that isn’t wasted in commute into the office is a gift. 

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A junior developers journey: The introduction

Posted by Nick McKell on December 20, 2017



 It has been an interesting last month of slow but steady improvement in my TM1 / Planning Analytics journey and soon I'll be off to to teach a small team about how to use Planning Analytics + WorkSpace (PAW). 

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How to improve the performance of a Dynamic Subset?

Posted by Sasidaran MR on December 18, 2017

As a TM1 consultant, one of our challenging tasks is improving performance.

Often dynamic subsets cause memory leakage and in turn affect performance. Let’s discuss, how to convert dynamic subset to static subset with an example.

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Your 8 step guide to success in 2018: For managers and developers alike

Posted by Martin Liwosz on December 15, 2017



Good bye 2017! We're about to set our new year resolutions, and ready to jump into 2018!

Not without some hard earned rest though.

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IBM TM1 10.2 vs IBM Planning Analytics

Posted by Srinivas STP on December 12, 2017

Loss vs Gain?

As we know – one thing that is constant is change and in the technology the change is always for the advancement from current and improvising the existing features.

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What is IBM Planning Analytics Local

Posted by Sameer Syed on November 13, 2017

IBM Planning Analytics Local is the new version of TM1 which was released by IBM in December 2016. IBM has rebranded TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics Local. Get used to using the name Planning Analytics instead of TM1

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Is developer documentation important?

Posted by Martin Liwosz on November 10, 2017

Although we as devlopers solve problems and that gives us a feeling of success and empowerment, I landed on the realisation that by documenting a problem not just jumping in and fixing it; helps make better decisions.

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Why is TM1 best tool for Allocations ?

Posted by Amendra Pratap on November 6, 2017

How to utilize TM1 Planning Analytics functionality for your Technology Allocations

Allocation Technology and other Service charges back to the departments is typically a difficult exercise for most organisations. There is a large amount of different data sources , data mapping, calculations and reporting capability required. This is just for the actuals – forecasting accurately is usually a bridge too far for most organisations. It does not have to be this difficult!

Why do we need to allocate charges – It largely influences the behavior and ensures that departments incur appropriate level of expense based on their usage. With larger enterprises it also has tax implications when service provider and receiver are in different countries or jurisdictions. (Transfer pricing is high on radar of most governments and the largest of our corporations)

Accurate allocations also provide transparency to both the department heads and the CIO’s on the cost base and its distribution. It is crucial in planning supply and demand of IT services.

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How CFOs can improve a company's efficiency by automating the process and focusing on Analytics?

Posted by Amendra Pratap on November 3, 2017

As the CFO of your company, your organisation relies on you for more than just numbers. Yes, spreadsheets and financial reports are the hallmarks of your profession.

But what about business intelligence and forecasting?

Today, the explosion of data available in business matches the explosion of competition in today’s markets and CFOs need to harness that wealth of data to compete. CFOs need better business intelligence tools to identify upcoming opportunities and grab them before their competitor does. They also need to foresee potential losses and advise on how to mitigate risk. In short, they need to focus on analytics to be able to predict the future so their business owners can react quickly.

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