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What's in a name? Watson in the name!

[fa icon='calendar'] April 22, 2021 / by Amendra Pratap posted in TM1, Aritificial Intelligence, Octane Software Solutions, IBM Planing Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

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Starting 1 April 2021, "with Watson" will be added to the name of the IBM Planning Analytics solution.

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IBM Cloud Private for Data is AMAZING!

[fa icon='calendar'] May 10, 2019 / by Martin Liwosz posted in Insider, Business Intelligence, Aritificial Intelligence, AI, Business Analytics

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Yesterday I was fortunate to attend an IBM partner day based on IBM Cloud Private for Data or ICPD and thought to write this blog for you who might not know what the platform is or does. 
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IBM PA Workspace Installation & Benefits for Windows 2016

[fa icon='calendar'] February 27, 2018 / by Srinivas STP posted in Technical, Business Intelligence, PlanningAnalytics, TM1, TM1 Training, Aritificial Intelligence, Upgrade, Finance, Accounting, Planning Analytics, PA, IBM PA, Planning Analytics Workspace, IBM Microsoft Windows Compatibility, PA and PAW, PAW, PA Workspace, PAW and PA

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In this weeks blog, our team make it our duty to shine some light on right tool your company can choose to meet your business needs. We will cover the much discussed benefits of installing and using IBM's Planning Analytics workspace on Windows 2016.

    1. What is PA and PAW
    2. PAW and Windows 2016
    3. Benefits on PAW on Windows 2016


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Impacts to Accounting & Finance by Artificial Intelligence Automation

[fa icon='calendar'] January 15, 2018 / by Martin Liwosz posted in Business Intelligence, Aritificial Intelligence, AI, Finance, Accounting

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As business implements more and more technology to streamline their operations the benefits of saving time, minimising costs, increasing productivity and better accuracy are starting to be realised. This means this is hardly a trend that will fade anytime soon. If you or your business are not 'there yet' it’s better to catch up now rather than being left behind with the rest of the competition.

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