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A junior developers journey: The introduction

December 19, 2017

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 It has been an interesting last month of slow but steady improvement in my TM1 / Planning Analytics journey and soon I'll be off to to teach a small team about how to use Planning Analytics + WorkSpace (PAW). 

It should be interesting considering I am relatively new with the product and now have been tasked to teach others how to use it! I’m not too worried about it however, last week I spent sometime with the client and Martin; who's taught me that I can handle myself under those situations, especially with the knowledge he has given me and what I've learnt about the product. 

I think the trick will be to put myself in their shoes. If I were taking the workshop I would want the structure of the session to be in a way that keeps me involved but also stretches the content and capability out to its maximum. I imagine with 10-15 different learning types/abilities in a room however we will only move as fast as the slowest. It'll also need to be entertaining to some degree purposefully include some audience participation and not treat the crowd like mindless zombies from the walking dead.

I am finding the exposure to the client side aspects of our company rewarding, especially with my new found talents around application training, and it being a major client of ours.

Meetings involving potential partnerships and going to client sites is fun but stressful and it will be good to see all other aspects of our delivery.

Keep checking back for other stories of a junior developers journey.