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Input Form clearing and retrieval of data

June 10, 2019



Whenever User enters data in Websheet (Form), last entered data will be present on Form. If User needs to enter new record, it becomes tedious to clear data from each of the text box, if Form comprises good number of text boxes. This will not be best way of utilizing User services. To avoid or improve efficiency of User, TM1 can be designed in better way using multiple Cubes.

Create 2 named cubes, lookup cube (Test_Lookup) and cube which contains data (Test_Emp)

Below are details of Dimensionality and structure of cubes


unnamed (3)-2 

Input Form where User can create new record, update record.


unnamed (2)-2 

Clear Button: It can be used to clear data for any employee record from Input Form.

Refresh/Submit button will be used to create and update record.

User can retrieve data in Form by clicking on Refresh/Submit button.

In backend, Refresh/Submit is mapped to process which pulls data stored in Test_Emp cube and loads to Test_Lookup cube, by this way data is stored in Test_Emp and lookup is maintained from Test_Lookup.

User entered data will be loaded or stored in lookup & data cube


unnamed (1)-1 

Processes that are mapped to Clear Button & Refresh/Submit buttons on the Input Form




Process flow



Note: This model can be approached by maintaining multiple version.