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A junior developers journey: The next step

January 7, 2018

Working Hard-1.jpg

The last week have been great in that I have been grinding away at our Planning Analytics + Workspace work and preparing myself for workshops and presentations.

I am happy with how it is progressing in terms of content and the approach that we are taking. Working from home for majority of the last week has been a saving grace too. The extra 2 hours I get that isn’t wasted in commute into the office is a gift. 

The transition from office environment back into the hibernation cave of home and actually being able to complete work productively I thought would be more of a challenge than I have found it to be. It’s not too different to sitting in the office, just have to stay off the ever alluring YouTube. 

We are starting a new chapter with an interesting new client meaning I'll be heading to more client sites and working more with the offshore team.

At this current moment it is just about getting the hang and nailing down our BAU tasks with the new adjustments to the routine.

Only time will tell… how great I and Octane will be come 2018. 

Stay tuned.