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Your 8 step guide to success in 2018: For managers and developers alike

December 14, 2017




Good bye 2017! We're about to set our new year resolutions, and ready to jump into 2018!

Not without some hard earned rest though.

Next year like every year though undoubtedly you'll come across the same problems as this year, and maybe a couple of new ones but it's this guide that I hope you read and come back to because when I've done so it has helped me. So....


In 2018, your 8 steps to SUCCESS will be


1) Get things done

The first step as a manager or developer that you need to deploy is embodying a culture of accomplishment, which will help you as success leads to success. Next year let's focus on getting things done. Create lists of the things you have to do, this day, week, month, year and let's start on marking them as complete. This will help build your momentum, and help to push you through those tasks you've been postponing.




It may help to focus on the small tasks first to build your momentum, and get you / and or your team focused on those tasks you need to get done. Be it your technical debt, that major project the business wants you to get too, whatever if it all seems a little too overwhelming try breaking it down into smaller components or move to step 2.


2) Outsource it

Time is money friend. My time, your time, your team's time. There is a reason for instance that I pay others for their professional services for example a graphic artist. Yes I technically could do what they do but I really don't have the time or experience and the output we'll it will speak for itself. For example:




If you don't have the time but it needs to be done why not outsource it? Whether it be your support or development tasks, retraining your user base, upskilling your staff you should calculate the a dollar figure on what you think it would be for you to complete the task and ask us to do the same.




3) Consolidate

This one I'll keep nice and short. If you are not able to outsource, swap, delegate, or if the task simply does not fit in with your objectives for the year (or life) you might have to remove it from the list. Unless you've been ordered and/or you've simply over extended yourself as the Frozen song goes.... "let it go, let it go".





4) Learn to say no

Leaning on the previous step, you may get into the habit of overextending yourself / team. So don't commit to a task before evaluating your ability to deliver it.






5) Doing nothing is still doing something

By not making an active decision, the task at hand is still consuming time. Typical behaviour includes considering the task, re-considering the task, ignoring it, going back to considering it. It's one of the worst things you can do. Especially when time is the only finite resource we have so, it's time to consciously decide whether it is it worth pursuing. Get it done, outsource it, consolidate or go to the next step.




6) Prioritise

Make that list, and prioritise. It is that simple! As I stated previously it may help to focus on the small tasks first to build your momentum, and get you / and or your team focused on those tasks you need to get done. Whatever it is, if it all seems a little too overwhelming try breaking it down into smaller components. The smallest action is still ACTION!





7) Plan

Once you have your list and have prioritised your tasks you should find common themes. If you are anything like me it will be hard at this stage to not have a game plan or plan of action. Build on that idea and start to get things done!





8) Celebrate success

Steps 1-7 are all well and good but without celebrating success you will find it hard to acknowledge what you have really achieved. The fact that you may have learnt new things along the way, which resulted in you pivoting and having to adapt. Celebrating success also fosters a / your culture of success, motivating you and your staff and get's you all sharing. Generally speaking it gets you feeling good and what's not to love about that?





It's not too early to start! If you have found the time to read this, you might also have the time to start on this exercise? Why not? What do you have to lose?