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Capturing and Viewing Rule Statistics in TM1

June 18, 2017

TM1 has got multiple control cubes. One of the control cube which was introduced with the release of planning analytics is }StatsByRule Control cube. With the help of this control cube a number of rule related stats can be viewed



This cube has got 3 dimensions

    1. }Cubes – Each cube on the TM1 server is included as an element in this dimension
    2. }LineNumber – elements 1 through 10,000. The elements correspond to line numbers in a TM1 rule.
    3. }RuleStats – Contains elements that correspond to the information and statistics that are stored for rules on your TM1 server, Including



Rule Text

The beginning of the rule text, to help you identify the rule

Total Run Count

The total number of time the rule has been run.

Min Time

The minimum amount of time taken for the rule to run, in milliseconds.

Max Time

The maximum amount of time taken for the rule to run, in milliseconds.

Avg Time

The average rule run time, in milliseconds.

Total Time

The total amount of time taken by the rule, in milliseconds.

Last Run Time

The amount of time, in milliseconds, it took for the most recent execution of the rule


To enable the storage of statistics for a rule, you must set the Rule_Stats property to YES in the }CubeProperties control cube. To disable statistic collection, set the property to NO (this is the default value).

Rule_Stats is a dynamic property, meaning that it does not require a server restart to take effect. However, it can take up to 60 seconds for a dynamic property change to be applied on the TM1 server

Once the Rule_Stats property is set to YES in the }CubeProperties cube (and after about 60 seconds) you will notice that the }StatsByRule cube will start collecting the stats

 Rule Stats.jpg

Each time a rule is changed or compiled, the data for that rule is cleared and updated in the }StatsByRule control cube. This helps you to immediately see the impact of a rule change.

The data in the }StatsByRule control cube does not persist betw

een server sessions, it is cleared every time that you restart your TM1 server.

To take snapshot of AS OF, a separate cube can be created with an additional date dimension. A TI can be created to copy the values of }StatsByRule to this new cube. By this you can have a snapshot of AS OF for future reference


Written by:

Sameer Syed [Senior TM1 Consultant]

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