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Smarter way to manage your TM1 Support and Development

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If you are a TM1 user then you would have surely come across times when you required assistance in support or Development (DevOps) for your implementation. Thousands of companies use TM1 globally for financial and business performance reporting, calculation and presentation of KPIs, allocation, and apportionment, and as a tool for data collection. While having all that factors, a company may also ...


If you are a TM1 user then you would have surely come across times when you required assistance in support or Development (DevOps) for your implementation. Thousands of companies use TM1 globally for financial and business performance reporting, calculation and presentation of KPIs, allocation, and apportionment, and as a tool for data collection. While having all that factors, a company may also experience pain points like costly consultants for TM1 Development and the struggle to hire a TM1 developer. We have released Octane Blue and Red which allows you access to TM1 developer and support resources on demand. 

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3 instances Octane Blue can help you with your TM1 support and development

  • Your resident TM1 developer is getting bogged down in BAU tasks and unable to focus on Projects. This is a very typical scenario for mid-size TM1 shops. Your prized TM1 developer who understands business is not being utilized for Projects. This person also is responsible for keeping the lights on in the TM1 Planning Analytics and doing tasks like investigating data load issues, mapping mismatch, adding users, and answering small queries. Is this the best use of their time? Does this create a risk of the developer moving to another company where he can better utilize his skills and feel more valued?  This is where Octane Blue would be ideal where all the support tasks can be ticketed to the Octane team. This creates capacity in your TM1 capability to allow your internal teams to focus on bigger ticket items. Octane Blue is a cost-effective and professional approach to supporting your team. Octane Blue would provide you with seasoned DevOps staff who would be able to take on support and enhancements. Find out more here  Octane Blue

  • With the current turbulence in the skilled market, we have seen many instances where companies have had their TM1 resource leave and there is great difficulty in hiring another resource. The cost of resources has gone up significantly which means the budget has to be increased or compromises have to be made on the skill level. There have been times when Finance staff have been pulled into TM1 admin roles and expected to manage development and support. This is usually not sustainable, and you end up eventually losing your finance staff!  Octane can step in into this situation and take over the TM1 Support and development while you source your TM1 resource. The beauty of the Octane Blue service is that there are lock-in contracts. Use it for as long (or short) as you need us. 

  • You don’t need a full-time TM1 resource. Many sites don’t require a full-time TM1 resource. You may only need a TM1 expert when there is an issue or when you need some enhancements or development. This makes Octane Blue ideal as you only call upon our team when you need us – and we only charge for hours you consume! We also have a lite version which is Octane Red. It's quite comforting to know that you have experts on hand  – it could be just using the service during peak periods around month end and budgeting period. All our services are backed with SLA and response times.  

What you will love about Octane red and blue

  • No separation between the developer and support team – you will no longer have separate and different prices for development and support and talk to different people. You will no longer care whether you have co-development support because all you wanted at the end of the day is to have your cube built and want your reporting ready and done. But, with Octane red and blue you will no longer experience this problem from month to month on your plans because the price will be constant over the period of those months.

  • Rolling forward of the unused hour – some months are not so busy and you don’t really wanna pay for the months that don’t have much work that happened. With Octane red and blue you can roll forward those hours that you have not used up to one month. If you have used more hours that month you simply start working fewer hours the next month achieving the same equilibrium in your pricing. 

  • You will have a dedicated account Manager who will be the escalation point and would also be managing your services and communication between you and our team.  

How to get started with us

We have removed any friction from engaging our services. It’s simple to engage and there is no lock-in contract so you can stop the services easily as well. We have an onboarding checklist and we go through the documentation to get us the right level of access. We have security protocols around data access and access review. We take the privacy of your data seriously.   

Our team is all IBM-certified TM1 developers. You can start ticketing issues and support tasks from Day 1. It may take us a bit longer in the early days to resolve some of the tickets but as we build our understanding of your environment these times will reduce. We hold monthly meetings with you to go through the tickets and any outstanding issues. We also take this opportunity to suggest changes that may help eliminate issues. 

There are no limits to what you can ticket – it can be a development task, support task, or monitoring task. However, we may steer you to use our Projects mechanism for larger projects to ensure an appropriate level of governance is applied. You can also get more details on Octane blue here TM1 Developers

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How does Octane TM1 Support services work and why is it so popular?

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One of the interesting things about Octane Red and Blue is that there is no onboarding you can start to ticket on the first day of your subscription. Over time, we are studying tickets that the user creates and anticipate that the user will have the same ticket for the next month so we will create it in advance so that users will no longer make one, that is what we call recurring tickets.

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 There is a lot of automation that we can introduce, and this will no longer require any human intervention needed during the process, and tasks that are ticketed will be automated.

Preventative maintenance is where we take a lot of responsibility in TM1 to make sure that it is running lean, running clean, and running smart. If you don’t have a ticketing system within their organization, don’t worry because we will introduce you to a ticketing engine instead of sending emails, we will set up a ticketing app and the users can use this. This will help us track the ticketing hours we have every month and track the number of tickets made every month and if the volume of tickets reduces over the months passed.

In one of our client’s scenarios when they started with us, they were able to have 200 tickets, and then over time, we were able to reduce the tickets by 20% every 3 months. They just started with 3 units of Octane Blue and by the time with 6 months of engagement with the clients, we were able to reduce it to 1 ½. One of our KPIs with this product is the number of tickets, we want the volume of tickets to drop every month.

This ticketing application we use will help us read that to see how well we are on track. Once, the ticketing app is set up we are going to give the finance officer a chance to become the ticketing board leader, with this he gets to decide the priority tickets. The users then begin the ticketing on the board and the finance officer will be the one to decide what ticket to prioritize.

The process that happens between the finance office and the users is important because this is where preventive maintenance takes place. This is where we will take responsibility for how well your TM1 is running.

Let’s say you have opted in for the 40 hours of Octane blue, and you are already at the end of the month and there are 10 hours left. An octane (that is one of us) will ticket to themselves – “Preventive maintenance”, which means that they discovered something in the system like a bug or an issue that if eradicated will give ROI to make running TM1 easier in the consecutive months.

A finance person will have an opportunity to do two things, it is to roll the remaining 10 hours forward for the next month or have the 10 hours remaining to do preventive maintenance. Either way, we will take the responsibility to drive down the tickets that have been generated from month to month.

The limitation

Before subscribing to Octane Red or Blue, you need these three factors ready;

  • Project management
  • Costing
  • Timeline

Without those 3, it will cost you more dollars and we don’t want that to happen. Spending 16 hours on development only is not recommended because you will need to add more hours to keep your TM1 running.


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