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What is IBM Planning Analytics Local

November 13, 2017

IBM Planning Analytics Local is the new version of TM1 which was released by IBM in December 2016. IBM has rebranded TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics Local. Get used to using the name Planning Analytics instead of TM1

IBM Planning Analytics is a fast, easy, flexible and complete self-service planning and analytics solution, build on a modern cloud architecture, using as its core, a new generation of the proven TM1 in-memory calculation engine. IBM Planning Analytics is available both as an on premise and cloud based solution.

Below is the list of features added to the new version of TM1 aka IBM Planning Analytics

TM1 Server

Several new features have been added to the TM1 server which will please the administrators and the developers of TM1

  • TM1 Databases can load 2-4X times faster with Multi-Threaded cube loading
  • Rule Files compile 2-4x times faster with Multi-Threaded feeder processing
  • Dimension batch loads will no longer block concurrent Readers and Writers to cubes having that dimension
  • TI Debugging environment
  • Hierarchies / Virtual Dimensions
  • Supports - Windows 10, Office 2016, MS Edge and Safari


TM1 Web

TM1 Web has been overhauled with a new refreshed interface and very similar to that of Planning Analytics Workspace

  • Completely new User Experience Design
  • Faster Websheet Loading, recalculation, and Scrolling
  • Additional Conditional Formatting - Colour scale and Icon set
  • Active X control support
  • iPad Support
  • Date Picker
  • Relational Data Access Support
  • New function that eliminates hardcoded TM1 Database names – less work for non-prod to prod migration

TM1 Web.jpg



  • CAFE updated and rebranded as Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx)
  • Complete User Design refresh
  • Fast over WANs - No Citrix needed
  • Better support (than Perspectives) for native Excel – copy/paste to multiple cells, find/replace, direct cell reference to load input cells
  • Pop Up Viewer and Set Editor shared with Workspace




A new, innovative web and mobile platform that is redesigning the User Experience for all roles of Planning Analytics users

  • It includes a sleek design of Interactive Dashboards for Planning, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Combine data from all your TM1 Databases into a single synchronized sheet
  • Users of any level of experience can author content for Web or Mobile consumption
  • Workspace supports a new Viewer that provide for Ad Hoc Calculations
  • Over 25 Chart Types, Websheets, Videos, Images, Shapes, access to all Web Content links
  • Navigation Buttons to create managed applications across several integrated Assets
  • Workspace provides collaboration in the context of ‘Books’, so comments and questions can surface greater insight into your data






  • Hierarchies will change the game of Analysis with Planning Analytics
  • You can use Product or Customer Attributes in your slice/dice/pivot tools as ‘Virtual Dimensions’ without having to physically define them as a dimension when creating the cube
  • You can add Hierarchies at any time after the cube exists, so your analysis opportunities are endless
  • Cubes can now be half the size and twice as fast because you don’t need physical dimensions to drive analysis
  • Even multiple Hierarchies for the same Dimension in the same query
  • And further, you can add fresh new data to your analysis ‘On the Fly’ with no disruption to Cube Structure, Business Rules, or Processes
  • Tremendous flexibility to react quickly to market change
  • Can be used thro Workspace, PAx, TM1 Web and REST API
  • Three ways of creating Hierarchies – Workspace, TI and REST API
  • Click here to find out more about this



Written by:

Sameer Syed [Senior TM1 Consultant]

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