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Support & Dev – Sorry no more : TM1 10.2.x

September 8, 2019

Yes .. You read it right !! … IBM is ready to start “End of Support” for TM1 10.2.x version by 30th September 2019. IF you are a User / Owner / Stakeholder of any application which is on TM1 10.x versions then yes this would mean an immediate attention needed and would need necessary action.

What does End of Support Mean ?

Though End of Support (EoS) doesn’t mean your application will stop functioning but involves other risks. Few are listed below.

  • No further development to this version.
  • No further enhancement happening to this version..
  • No bug fixes.
  • No new code updates.
  • No more Standard support services, stops beyond EoS date.


Urgent fix is a must :Security Vulnerabilities

Customers who are still using the IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 and IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 are prone to unauthenticated attacks, excessive stack memory issues and other threats. Listed below are the security Vulnerabilities. 

Click here for more details on Workspace.

  • End of Support :

Below table depicts EoS ( End of Support ) for all 10.x versions, last being 10.2.2. For TM1 10.2.2 version, support ends by 30th September 2019, post this date one may not expect any further development offered by IBM for this version.

  • Schedule Migration :

The best thing to do is to upgrade/ migrate to your earliest opportuneness to IBM Planning Analytics Local V2.0.2, or later. This will help reaping benefits from the new , enhanced and much more powerful version of TM1.

This also opens access to whole new world of visualization on Top of TM1 called Planning Analytics Workspace. You may click here for more details on Workspace.

IBM Planning Analytics is the new version of TM1 which was released by IBM in December 2016. IBM has rebranded TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics Local. Get used to using the name Planning Analytics instead of TM1. IBM Planning Analytics is a fast, easy, flexible and complete self-service planning and analytics solution, build on a modern cloud architecture, using as its core, a new generation of the proven TM1 in-memory calculation engine. IBM Planning Analytics is available both as an on premise and cloud-based solution.

You may click here for more details

What to expect post EOS:

Service Extensions for IBM Cognos TM1 V10.2.2, offering on-going support and critical defect fixes, will be available for a fee for up to 3 years beyond the announced End of Support (EoS) date.

Continuing Support beyond the announced EoS date, offering Q&A support plus access to pre-EoS product updates only -- but no new code updates -- will be available for IBM Cognos TM1 V10.2.2 to clients who maintain a valid

subscription and support agreement for IBM Planning Analytics Local.

You may click here for more details.


Octane as Partner :

We are IBM Registered Business Partner, specialist in TM1, Planning Analytics, Planning Analytics Workspace and Cognos Analytics, Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics.

We are specialized in providing Consulting, Delivery, Environment upgrade Support and Training.

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For more Information: To check on your existing Planning Analytics (TM1) entitlements and understand how to upgrade to Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) reach out to us at info@octanesolutions.com.au for further assistance.

Octane Software Solutions Pty Ltd is an IBM Registered Business Partner specialising in Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence. We provide our clients advice on best practices and help scale up applications to optimise their return on investment. Our key services include Consulting, Delivery, Support and Training.

Octane has its head office in Sydney, Australia as well as offices in Canberra, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

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