6 Tactics to Implement Rolling Forecast

[fa icon='calendar'] May 10, 2017 / by Amendra Pratap

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Budgeting and Forecasting is a key function provided by the Finance team. Its no secret that most of the teams dread the budgeting period. Not only it ends up being a manual data crunching and bogged down in spreadsheets it also is a soul destroying exercise as many Finance professionals go through the motions knowing that the numbers they are generating are not relevant and cannot be reliably used to make key enterprise decisions. 

Organisational complexity is growing. Business demands more insights, better granularity and driver based projections. With evolving business environment ability to react and predict internal and external factors is key to keeping your edge. It is impossible to cater for these needs using just excel. You simply cannot have a accurate forecasting done in a timely manner and cater for functionalities like what if scenario at granular level, driver based forecasting, divisional forecasts rolling up to group level  and be able to bring in actual an re forecast at a frequency that is demanded.

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