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Planning Analytics Administration: An Alert (Proactive Mechanism)

3 min

Gone days, where we had no control/alerts mechanism on the TM1 database, CPU/memory it consumes, react at the nick of the moment before TM1 server crashes. I am sure all TM1 lovers, administrators and business users who had these experiences in the past would connect to what I am referring to. For all new Planning Analytics users, in earlier versions of TM1/ Planning Analytics, we had little overview on how much on RAM/ memory can a TM1 instance use/utilize or have an inbuilt alter mechanism.  TM1 Database Alert Mechanism:  Issue:  Most of you know, TM1 Server loves memory/RAM, more memory ...

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) Vs Anaplan

4 min

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) vs Anaplan There has been a lot of chatter lately around IBM Planning Analytics (powered by TM1) vs Anaplan. Anaplan is a relatively new player in the market and has recently listed on NYSE. Reported Revenue in 2019 of USD 240.6M (interestingly also reported an operating loss of USD 128.3M). Compared to IBM which has a 2018 revenue of USD 79.5 Billion (there is no clear information on how much of this was from the Analytics area) with a net profit of 8.7 b). The size of global Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is around 3.9 Billion and expected to grow to ...

Drill Down Using Slicer in Power BI

3 min

  This article shows how to drill down to the next level in a visualization within Microsoft Power BI, when a filter is applied using a Slicer. This could be applied even if multiple selections are made within the slicer. For example – We have a car with 3 model series (L Series, S Series, T Series) in the slicer. Business requires to show the values at this level when no selection is made. Once a selection is made, the visual should show the next level in the hierarchy. Visualisation without any filter selected (Shows the top level):     Visualisation with single filter selected (Shows the ...

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics: IBM Decision Optimisation

7 min

  Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. A way to predict the future using data from the past. Predictive analytics brings together advanced analytics capabilities spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modelling, data mining, text analytics, optimization, real-time scoring and machine learning. These are tools that help organizations discover patterns within the data and go beyond knowing what has happened to anticipate what is probable to ...

Business Intelligence – Business Analytics

8 min

  This article talks about Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, things in common and about differences between one another. This blog also talks about the paybacks for an organization once these are adopted. Let’s  start ... Though Business Intelligence and Business Analytics sound similar and are being used interchangeably by many, they do have differences.   Business Intelligence ( BI ) :- Term Business Intelligence, though exist for long, have been used by wider audience from late 90s . Intelligence with in Business comes from the data being captured. Business Intelligence has ...

Planning Analytics and PowerBI

2 min

Many businesses have already turned to Octane and partnered with us to help turn their data into meaningful insights. So if you've wanted to connect your Planning Analytics to Power BI, you're not alone and now with us you can.   Octane has developed a way you can work directly with IBM Planning Analytics (powered by TM1) and Microsoft Power BI! We've had a number of clients who have wanted to integrate Planning Analytics and Power BI without using external proprietary software we at Octane can say that we've answered the market's call.   Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is one of the worlds ...

IBM Cloud Private for Data is AMAZING!

3 min

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend an IBM partner day based on IBM Cloud Private for Data or ICPD and thought to write this blog for you who might not know what the platform is or does.      This platform balances the individual data needs of your business by providing an integrated self-service, agile, enterprise-ready platform to significantly improve the governance around the collection, organisation, dissemination and analysis of your data but this isn't the best part. ICPD utilises modern microservices applications to enhance your data assets and analysis with machine learning (ML) and ...

Expand your Business Value with intelligence and Analytics

3 min

Forward-thinking enterprises are using business intelligence and analytics to navigate through their digital transformation – one that could see them expand both physically and fiscally at a rapid pace. The ability to harness this data and use it to make business decisions, however, poses challenges. This is particularly true for organisations that haven’t previously had the technology nor the manpower to sift through all the historical data they’ve accumulated in their daily activities. Think about it – by 2020 it’s predicted there will be 5,200GB of data for every individual on the planet. ...