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What is IBM Watson™ Studio?

1 min

IBM Watson™ Studio is a platform for businesses to prepare and analyse data as well as build and train AI and machine learning models in a flexible hybrid cloud environment. IBM Watson™ Studio enables your data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts work together easier and collaborate with the wider business, to deliver faster insights in a governed way. Watch the below for another brief intro Available in on the desktop which contains the most popular portions of Watson Studio Cloud to your Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac PC with IBM SPSS® Modeler, notebooks and IBM ...

IBM Cloud Private for Data is AMAZING!

3 min

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend an IBM partner day based on IBM Cloud Private for Data or ICPD and thought to write this blog for you who might not know what the platform is or does.      This platform balances the individual data needs of your business by providing an integrated self-service, agile, enterprise-ready platform to significantly improve the governance around the collection, organisation, dissemination and analysis of your data but this isn't the best part. ICPD utilises modern microservices applications to enhance your data assets and analysis with machine learning (ML) and ...

Impacts to Accounting & Finance by Artificial Intelligence Automation

2 min

As business implements more and more technology to streamline their operations the benefits of saving time, minimising costs, increasing productivity and better accuracy are starting to be realised. This means this is hardly a trend that will fade anytime soon. If you or your business are not 'there yet' it’s better to catch up now rather than being left behind with the rest of the competition. We've moved on from the times when cloud technology was an unknown territory for especially for Accounting and Finance but the industry players are now fully aware, prepared or in cloud. This leaves us ...