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IBM TM1 Cognos user experience white paper 2022

1 min

This white paper was written to describe the level of self-service users can expect from TM1. Download the full white paper in PDF below.   This white paper was written to describe the level of self-service users can expect from TM1. To understand what users can expect from TM1, imagine your organisation’s finance office is a house. In this house, users are busy building different kinds of rooms. Popular rooms include budgeting and forecasting. In an adjacent room, analysis of financials is taking place. Down the hallway a report is being created. In addition to the rooms, there is furniture ...

Data Governance IBM Cognos

3 min

Balancing Flexibility and Standards - IBM Cognos TM1 Govern Data Discovery The world of data has infinite variety…and infinite requirements. No single analytics solution will please everyone. But it is possible to combine the strengths of complementary solutions to help meet the needs of both enterprise IT personnel who crave data governance and the end business users who are hungry for self-service. IBM offers different flavors of analytics to bring you the best side-by-side experience. In today’s blog, I would like to focus on IBM Cognos TM1 Planning Analytics - a unique union of data ...

A TM1 Guide on How To for Dummies

8 min

Contents How to Create Dynamic Parameters for TM1 How to Build a Scorecard using TM1 Architect How to Enhance TM1 Security on a 'Need to Know' Basis How to Use Stargate Views for TM1 Cube Viewer     How to Create Dynamic Parameters for TM1 The CheckFeedersMaximumCells is a dynamic parameter that allows users to restrict and control performing check feeders operation in a cube for a selected number of cells. As per the documentation, the default value is 3,000,000, meaning feeders for consolidation with up to 3 million intersections could be checked against, by default. Case in point: I’ve ...

How CFOs can improve a company's efficiency by automating the process and focusing on Analytics?

2 min

As the CFO of your company, your organisation relies on you for more than just numbers. Yes, spreadsheets and financial reports are the hallmarks of your profession. But what about business intelligence and forecasting? Today, the explosion of data available in business matches the explosion of competition in today’s markets and CFOs need to harness that wealth of data to compete. CFOs need better business intelligence tools to identify upcoming opportunities and grab them before their competitor does. They also need to foresee potential losses and advise on how to mitigate risk. In short, ...

Take complexity out of Excel and systemize your data with IBM Cognos TM1 and Planning Analytics

2 min

IBM Cognos TM1 supported by Planning Analytics is the ideal technology for making Excel-centric budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and any spreadsheet-based analytical application scale to the enterprise. IBM's TM1 for Microsoft Excel brings the power and familiarity of Excel to the arena of modern enterprise performance management. Planning Analytics, on the other hand, enables business and financial analysts, line-of-business managers and others to explore and analyse data from a variety of different sources—including IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence—without IT ...