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6 Reasons why you should get DataFusion - a TM1 connector

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DataFusion is a TM1 connector developed by Octane. It was borne out of the frustration clients were facing extracting data out of their IBM Planning Analytics application into other enterprise Reporting tools like Power BI, Tableau and Qlik. Typically this was set up as a manual task that required an IT or Finance person to drop a csv and upload into Reporting tools. This created a number of issues. Firstly it required the operator to ensure that the correct slab of data has been captured and uploaded. It also created a risk as end users would have to rely on operator to perform this task on ...


Drill Down Using Slicer in Power BI

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This article shows how to drill down to the next level in a visualization within Microsoft Power BI, when a filter is applied using a Slicer. This could be applied even if multiple selections are made within the slicer. For example – We have a car with 3 model series (L Series, S Series, T Series) in the slicer. Business requires to show the values at this level when no selection is made. Once a selection is made, the visual should show the next level in the hierarchy. Visualisation without any filter selected (Shows the top level): Visualisation with single filter selected (Shows the next ...