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A TM1 Guide on How To for Dummies

Posted by Ismail Syed on February 24, 2018

  1. How to Create Dynamic Parameters for TM1
  2. How to Build a Scorecard using TM1 Architect
  3. How to Enhance TM1 Security on a 'Need to Know' Basis
  4. How to Use Stargate Views for TM1 Cube Viewer


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TI Debugger Overview

Posted by Ismail Syed on June 25, 2017

The TurboIntegrator Debugger is a simple tool which allows users to set breakpoints and step through TurboIntegrator processes to identify possible issues or errors in your scripts. The TI Debugger is available for Planning Analytics Local.

Steps to configure TM1 Server can be found in the link below:



  • Process List
  • User specified breakpoints
  • View object locks on the TM1 server
  • Save and edit TI scripts live


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