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Shyam is a skilled TM1 Architect, Specialist and Developer having extensive professional experience of 6+ years in Corporate Performance Management by providing effective TM1 solutions and system integration. He has overall 12+ years in functional and technical roles with wide international experiences from different industry sectors, including Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Technology.

Caveat Around Concurrent Data Loads - Part B

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Welcome back, for those who had read Part A of this blog, hope you would have tested Parallel Interaction and benefitted from it. For those who haven’t, you can read it at http://blog.octanesolutions.com.au/caveat-around-concurrent-data-loads-part-a This blog builds upon the previous one and focusses on improving performance by Parallel Interaction, it highlights TM1 facets worth consideration while an object is locking. Synopsys Tips towards improvements around support for concurrent read/write and/or parallel execution of turbo integrator process enabling higher efficiencies and ...


Caveat Around Concurrent Data Loads - Part A

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With users unceasingly (almost perennially) demanding higher data upload speed and concurrent transfers, this blog offers insight and considerations one should keep in mind while simultaneously executing a Turbo Integrator (TI) process. It also highlights steps to avoid TI looping and/or thrashing. Synopsys Consider a single user loading data into a cube from source (such as ODBC, Text files, another Cube, etc.) via a TI process for a specific data segment such as a given scenario, period & component, may not experience any wait times. However, when it comes to concurrent users ...