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finding octane

Vamshi is working in Octane as Senior software Engineer for 2 years and 11 months up until now. He has worked on Cognos TM1 for more then 3 years & Cognos BI for 1 year. He also became a Cognos Developer and a TM1 consultant for 3 years. He is a hardworking, self-motivated and able to set effective priorities to achieve goals and meet project & operational deadlines.

Planning Analytics Audit log – Little known pitfall

2 min

The blogs brief about the challenge faced post enabling the Audit log in one of our client's environment. Once the audit log was turned on to capture the metadata changes, the Data Directory backup scheduled process started to fail. After some investigation, I found the cause was the temp file (i.e., tm1rawstore. ) generated by the audit log by default and placed in the data directory. The Temp file is used by audit log to record the events before moving it to a permanent file (i.e., tm1auditstore). Sometimes, you may even notice dimension related files (i.e., DimensionName.dim.), and these ...

TM1 Rest API: Dimensions Metadata Extract

4 min

  The Blog shows how to use TM1 Rest API to extract, filter, select only specific details/properties from the dimensions, all the metadata extracted from TM1 Rest API will be in JSON. If this is your first time on TM1 Rest API, then it is recommended to visit the link below which covers the introduction and helps with getting started on TM1 Rest API. https://blog.octanesolutions.com.au/introduction-to-tm1-rest-api Here, we will be using Go_New_Store TM1 Sample Instance in windows environment and Chrome Browser with JSONView Extension https://:/api/v1/ AdminHost: The Server name where the ...

TM1 object extensions

11 min

  This article talks about different extensions/files seen in Data directory and how they are co-related to front-end objects that we see in architect. Since, TM1 is an in-memory tool so all objects seen like cube, dimension, TI process etc seen in Architect are saved in data directory with a specific extension and in a specific way to differentiate them from the other objects. By understanding these extensions/files, it comes easier in finding objects and deciding which objects are needed to be considered to backup or moving a specific set of changes. Consider the case of taking an entire ...

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (Paw) Full Backup and Restore

3 min

In this article, we will be seeing how to take a complete backup of IBM PAW and, also how to restore/revert the complete PAW Application using a backup. Environment: Windows Server 2012 R2 IBM PAW Version: 2.0.37 VMware: Oracle VMware   Prerequisite Virtual machine for PAW should be up and running. Make sure to use the Root User ID for below steps.      (What is Root User ID? Well, the user ID used for installing IBM PAW in that System and that user ID we are          referring it has Root User ID here. In Case, if you are not sure which is root User ID then find which User folder      the ...