Increase your TM1 engagement with end User Training

Posted by Amendra Pratap on October 27, 2017

Is your organisation not realising the full potential of your IBM TM1 implementation?

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Being a Consultant: Master vs Jack of all trades

Posted by Akshay Rathi on October 26, 2017

In this article is not about being a master and his trusted advisor, this is about trying to find out what are the necessary traits for a successful consultant. I'll be comparing the ideas of 'Master of one' Vs 'Jack of All' Vs 'Master of All'.

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Removing the ‘bug’ from Debugging in TM1

Posted by Amin Mohammed on October 18, 2017

Often times, when we as a developer are loading the data from a particular source and intend to create a view to debug the data for analysis and troubleshooting, typically we do it by creating the view and subsets and assigning the subsets to the view in Prolog tab.

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It's important to know how to handle null values in TM1

Posted by Sasidaran MR on October 10, 2017

By default a numeric value in TM1 is 0. If an attempt is made to store a zero in a cell of the cube, that storage request is ignored. If we input 0 for an intersection, TM1 treat it as NO value instead of 0 value. Instead we can use the UNDEFVALS function. This is to be defined in the Rules file which will enable the end user to input 0 value.

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A how to be a better developer

Posted by Martin Liwosz on October 2, 2017

It's hard in our industry particularily when when starting to guage how good you are or how much you know in relation to the products, especially when you don't get to mix and mingle with other Planning Analytics or TM1 developers. Worse is that you don't get to see / hear about other implementations / environments.

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