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finding octane

Perth Visit ... a travelogue

9 min

Business trip to Australia…    the prospect itself is enough to make a dead man stand up and dance. More so as Swetha, Sasi & I were travelling to be in 2 of the worlds “best cities to live in. We visited Perth & Sydney; No..no 3 cities in fact, we transited via Melbourne airport. I know what you thinking, but it does count as we got to “check-in” Facebook... Haha, see SMART!! Before I start, very important to note the itinerary we were on as it boosted our flaunt status back in India! Why ?? Well it had so many check points and an envious schedule which had us touching 4 countries ...

Copying data from one cube to another cube using RULES and FEEDERS

6 min

This blog will cover an information regarding moving the data between cubes using Rules and Feeders. Questions to be asked before we get started with the topic... Why do we need to move the data to another cube which is having similar dimension structure….?? Can’t we just modify the existing cube….??  Answers “we can modify the cube” and “there is no need to create a duplicate cube “, although there can be a few exceptions like dependent cube(s) which might have been used to create report which sometimes a client may request not to modify. Ideally the data can be moved between cubes using TI ...