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finding octane

Lisi is a TM1 developer and has excercise this following functions. Analytics Platform Development: TM1 model development and SQL database connection. Data Science: Watson studio Auto AI model development(Jupyter Notebook, SPSS, Pandas, Sklearn). Data Gathering/Wrangling: Marketing data scraping from different data source as strong complement to existing data model (Python Selenium, Splinter).

Planning Analytics and PowerBI

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Many businesses have already turned to Octane and partnered with us to help turn their data into meaningful insights. So if you've wanted to connect your Planning Analytics to Power BI, you're not alone and now with us you can. Octane has developed a way you can work directly with IBM Planning Analytics (powered by TM1) and Microsoft Power BI! We've had a number of clients who have wanted to integrate Planning Analytics and Power BI without using external proprietary software we at Octane can say that we've answered the market's call. Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is one of the worlds ...