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Planning Analytics and PowerBI

May 21, 2019
Many businesses have already turned to Octane and partnered with us to help turn their data into meaningful insights. So if you've wanted to connect your Planning Analytics to Power BI, you're not alone and now with us you can.
Octane has developed a way you can work directly with IBM Planning Analytics (powered by TM1) and Microsoft Power BI! We've had a number of clients who have wanted to integrate Planning Analytics and Power BI without using external proprietary software we at Octane can say that we've answered the market's call.
Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is one of the worlds most popular tools for data consolidations and forecasting whilst PowerBI is one of the most popular data visualsation tools and now Octane can provide you a One-stop solution which includes the data import from tm1 with metadata information about the data hierarchy.
Gone is the need for writing TI processes to create a csv file output, then read the csv file and load the data into PowerBI or any number of other permutations that require several more steps/operations which is time consuming and costly to your business. 
With the power of a Restful API solution Octane Software Solution will connect TM1 and PowerBI. See how simple it is!
Contact bidesh.pal@ocatnesolutions.com.au for a commitment free demo today. 

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