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finding octane

Jyothi is an IT Professional with 5.5 years of experience as a TM1 Consultant with various Domains such as Finance, HR System, Project Accounting and Banking Services. Experience working on IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Architect, Turbo Integrator, Contributor and Perspectives. Experience in Cognos TM1 installation, Creating Servers, Performance Tuning and Automate Common Processes using TI scripts.

Journey to the Mysterious “Feeder”land

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Writing rules can save a lot of trouble also can be tedious sometime, but what’s more troublesome than writing rules?! feeders ofcourse. One or the other time we all have wandered in the “feeder”land thinking if there was a way out. No matter how efficient we think we write the feeders, there are times it can mysteriously lead to underfeeding or overfeeding. So, this blog explains the scenarios of how feeding a consolidation, feed from a consolidation work and how it contributes to overfeeding. And this can help to take different approach next time you think of feeders and make it not so ...


Unraveling TM1 : Lesser Known Facets – Part A

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No matter how much we think we know about TM1, there are always these set of conditions that make you think “what-if there was a better way”??!! For example, not having to write a bunch of codes just to delete the subsets after using it in a Source View Or not writing the same area definition twice. What-if this could be done with less or no coding at all! This blog and its subsequent part will focus on showcasing few of such many lesser known features in TM1. These little tricks and tips are a step towards better code management and of course peace of mind. TIP 1. One area definition for two ...