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Unraveling TM1 : Lesser Known Facets – Part A

[fa icon='calendar'] August 6, 2018 / by Jyothi Lakshmidas posted in Technical, TM1, TM1 Training, Finance, How to, TM1 How To, Planning Analytics, PA, IBM PA, Planning Analytics Workspace, PA and PAW, PAW, PA Workspace, PAW and PA, TM1 on cloud, TM1 hidden feature, Cognos 10.2.x, TM1 Support, Octane Software Solutions, TurboIntegrator, TI Optimisation

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No matter how much we think we know about TM1, there are always these set of conditions that make you think “what-if there was a better way”??!! For example, not having to write a bunch of codes just to delete the subsets after using it in a Source View Or not writing the same area definition twice. What-if this could be done with less or no coding at all!

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