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PAX and PAW 2.0.41

May 2, 2019

What's interesting to note is that Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) version 2.0.40 and 2.0.41 are combined so that the release of Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.41 aligns with the IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel (PAX) release.


With several fixes applied to both PAW and PAX in this version; this post will focus more on the enhancements and features. However, should you want to review the fixes, you can find those here.


With this release, you will now be able to create and edit drill through rules and processes in Workspace.



Also finding users who don't have any permissions is quick and straightforward by using the new menu.



A new quality of life enhancement is that grid refreshes can be configured to automatically refresh on new views when it's n level data changes.



Database configuration parameters are now set from the database activity report.



With this other metrics such as threads blocked will also now appear on the database activity report.



The set editor allows you to now define which levels of a hierarchy to include in a report with dynamic ranges.These can be defined as Level >= level002.




There are individual icons for dynamic and static sets helping determine whats dynamic in the hierarchy and what is not.



Planning Analytics Workspace can now be Distributed on Docker Swarm but currently supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux only.

You can use Constrained Calculations in PAX to narrow the scope of the recalculates to just your active worksheet; Increasing the performance and speed of the worksheet.

Whilst this covers the main features; there is plenty more to read, follow this link to IBM for more.