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What is IBM Watson™ Studio?

October 14, 2019

IBM Watson™ Studio is a platform for businesses to prepare and analyse data as well as build and train AI and machine learning models in a flexible hybrid cloud environment.

IBM Watson™ Studio enables your data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts work together easier and collaborate with the wider business, to deliver faster insights in a governed way.

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Available in on the desktop which contains the most popular portions of Watson Studio Cloud to your Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac PC with IBM SPSS® Modeler, notebooks and IBM Data Refinery all within a single instal to bring you comprehensive and scalable data analysis and modelling abilities.

However, for the enterprise, there are also the versions of Watson Studio Local, which is a version of the software to be deployed on-premises inside the firewall, as well as Watson Studio Cloud is part of the IBM Cloud™, a public cloud platform. No matter which version your business may use you can start using Watson Studio Cloud and download a trial of the desktop version today!

Over the next 5 days, we'll ensure to send you use-cases and materials of worth for you to review at your earliest convenience. Be sure to check our social media pages for these.