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Potential Data Loss: Quick Fix a must : PA Cloud and PA Local

December 20, 2019

IBM has identified a defect within the code introduced in TM1 10.2.2 Fixpack 7, part of all other releases before 2.0.9. This defect causes data loss within the cubes even after performing SaveDataAll activity with in TM1 server. Let us get into the details.

What is the defect :

Possibility of losing data even after SaveDataAll activity is performed. This defect (APAR PH19984) has been identified recently by IBM. This will only trigger when below conditions are met.srini1

  1. No-SaveDataAll : If SavedataAll not performed since TM1 Server was rebooted.
  2. Lock Contention : Lock contention specific to public subset, TI process or chore.
  3. Rollback : SavedDataAll thread rollback due to lock contention.
  4. ServerRestart : TM1 server restarts following above mentioned points.

How to Find:

To find if TM1 Server might encounter this issue, pls follow below steps.

  1. If not already enabled, enabled debug options in tm1s-log.properties.
  2. Identify SaveDataAll thread, look for “Starting SaveDataAll” in tm1server.log.
  3. Check if lock contention rollback on SaveDataAll has been triggered in tm1server.log. Look for “CommitActionLogRollback: Called for thread ‘xxxxx’”, check if xxxxx is SaveDataAll thread.
  4. If “CommitActionLogRollback: Called for thread ‘xxxxx’” is found before ‘Leaving SaveDataAll critical section’ – there is high change you are prone to this defect and might cause data loss.


Impacted Users :

All Clients using Planning Analytics On-Cloud and On-Premise (Local) TM1 Server versions 10.2.2 Fix pack 7 and PA version 2.0 till 2.0.9.


How to avoid :

This can be avoided in two ways.

  1. Automate SaveDataAll ( Best practice) to happen at regular intervals, else do this manually.
  2. For PA Local users, Apply fix released by IBM on 17th December 2019, click here for more details.


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