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Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) Training made easy

May 28, 2021

We have made it easier for your users to access Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) Training.


This week we launched our online training for Planning Analytics with Watson PAW and PAX; available online in instructor-led, 4-hour sessions. 


Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) Training

This training provides the ideal time for you to spend some of your allocated training budgets; often assigned but never utilised on something that you can actually apply in your workplace. We have made it easy for you to book your training online in a few easy steps.

IBM has been consistently improving and adding new features to PAW and PAX. To maximise your training outcome, we will run the training on the latest (or very close to the latest) release of PAW and PAX; which will give you a good insight into what new features are available. Our training will speed up your understanding of the new features and help you decide on your upgrade decisions. The best part of our training offering is that we have priced it at only $99 AUD – this is a great value.

Being interactive instructor-led TM1 training, you would be able to ask questions and get clarifications in real-time. Attending this training will ensure that you and your staff are up-to-date with the latest versions and functionalities.


Training outcomes

Having your users trained up will mean that you can utilise your Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) application to its full potential. Users would be able to self service their analytics and reporting. They would also be logging a reduced number of tickets as they understand how to use the system. Engagement would go up as they actively participate in providing feedback on your model's evolution. Overall, you should expect to see an increase in productivity from your users.


PAW Training Overview
  • Introduction of PA and workspace
  • Welcome page
  • Creating books
  • Creating views
  • Hiding row or columns/rows and columns in views
  • Snap commands
  • Selector widget
  • Synchronising objects in a book or sheet
  • Adding navigation button to sheet
  • Dataset export
  • Visualisations
  • Creating metric visualisations
  • Add text box
  • Work with images
  • End-user calculations
  • Using MDX based subsets
PAX Training Overview
  • Introduction to PAX
  • Overview and list components
  • Setup IBM connection, connecting data source, open workbook
  • Working with data and reports
  • Clear cell content
  • Convert dynamic data to snapshots
  • Exploration views
  • Lists
  • Quick report
  • Dynamic report
  • Custom report
  • Publish workbooks
  • Sets for TM1
  • IBM TM1 functions
  • Cube viewer
  • Action buttons


Training delivery

The training course will be delivered online by Octane senior consultants, who have more than 10-15 years of delivery experience. The class size is limited to only 12 attendees to ensure all attendees get enough focus. 

The training sessions are scheduled in multiple, so you should be able to find a slot that is suitable for you


Have you got any questions?

We have captured most of the questions we've been asked on this FAQ page

I look forward to seeing you at training.