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Octane Software Solutions Partner With QUBEdocs to Deliver Cutting Edge Document Automation

June 28, 2021

Octane Software Solutions is a cutting edge technology and services provider to the Office of Finance. Octane is partnered with vendors like IBM and BlackLine to provide AI-based solutions to help finance teams automate their processes and increase their ability to provide business value to the enterprise.

Qubedocs is an automated IBM Planning Analytics documenter. It generates automated documentation within minutes and ensures compliance and knowledge management within your organisation. So, we're excited to announce our partnership with QUBEdocs - a solution that takes the resources and headaches out of TM1 modelling. In this article, we discuss common challenges with Planning Analytics and how QUBEdocs transforms this process.

Challenges with Planning Analytics (TM1)

Our experience in the industry has meant we've worked with many enterprises that encounter challenges with Planning Analytics. Common concerns and challenges that our clients face are listed here:

  • Correct documentation
  • Over-reliance on developers, which leaves businesses vulnerable.
  • Unable to visualise the full model, resulting in not understanding the information and misinterpreting the model.
  • Are business rules working correctly?
  • Understanding data cubes
  • Disaster recovery and causation analysis
  • Managing audit
  • Compliance with IBM licence rules

Reading through these challenges can paint the picture of a complicated process to manage and support. They cover a broad range of concerns, from first ensuring the documentation is correct, understanding the data and information, and not knowing if they're doing it right. Automating this process can take the guesswork and lack of confidence out of the models.

How QUBEdocs transforms the process

We've partnered with QUBEdocs because of its capabilities to transform the TM1 Models. Through QUBEdocs you can generate custom documentation in minutes (as opposed to months) for your IBM Planning Analytics TM1. You're able to meet your regulatory requirements, capture company-wide knowledge and gain an accurate, updated view of TM1 model dependencies.

Below is a list of benefits that QUBEdocs offers:


Specifically built for business intelligence, QUBEdocs allows seamless integration with IBM Planning Analytics.

Fully automated documentation

QUBEdocs focuses on driving business value while documenting every single detail. Automating the documentation takes the errors out of the process and ensures your plans are knowledge-driven.

Personalised reporting

QUBEdocs keeps track of all the layers of data that are important to you – choose from standard reporting templates or customise what you want to see.

Compare models

Compare different versions of your model to gain complete visibility and pinpoint changes and potential vulnerabilities.


QUBEdocs up-to-date features and functionalities need no infrastructure to use and allows collaborative, remote working.

Data with context

Context is critical to data-driven decisions. Every result in QUBEdocs is supported by context, so you understand before you act.

Model analysis 

Models offer a way to look at your applications, objects or relationships in-depth. Analysing your models can help you understand your complex models intuitively, so you know each part of your business and what it needs to succeed.


Understand your server environment at a glance with key metrics tailored for different stakeholders in your business.


This article has outlined the benefits of QUBEdocs, and why we're excited to announce our partnership. Though, when you work with Octane Software Solutions, you get a company in it for the long haul until you've grown into your new wings. If QUBEdocs is right for you, a big part of our processes is implementing it into your organisation so that it's fully enabled to improve your business performance. 

Learn more about QUBEdocs or join our upcoming webinar; How to automate your Planning Analytics (TM1) documentation.