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Code deployments without downtime / restarts

March 22, 2018

One of the major challenges of promoting code to successive instances is packaging the code for promotion and finding a slot for downtime. Not to mention the sequence of steps required to carry out the procedures and to communicate to one and all about the impending downtime. Adding to this difficulty is finding downtime when users are accessing the application from across the globe.So irrespective of deployment size, either major or minor, the deployment process is never going to be easy. However you can potentially overcome this using one of the TM1 Suite tools.

To achieve this the following are prerequisites, TM1 Performance Modeler should be installed and source & target should be configured to access TM1 Performance Modeler.

Let’s take an example of moving “Region” dimension from “SData” to “Planning Sample” using TM1 Performance Modeler.

  1. Login to Performance Modeler and open up the “SData”
  2. Under “Model Design”, expand Dimensions and right click on region dimension and select Transfer Out
  3. It will pop up with path to be exported after providing the valid path, will open the transfer design screen
  4. Hit on Transfer button to export the region dimension.
  5. Copy the exported files to target machine and login to “Planning samples” in TM1 Performance Modeler
  6. Open the Transfer Design and click on “New Transfer Specification”
  7. In the Source section, click on the source type to select the source as “Files” , as seen in the image below
  8. Mention the path where the exported files are kept. It will display list of objects which are exported and select the object to be deployed to right side
  9. In the target section, click on the Target type to select the target as Model Element
  10. Hit on “Transfer” Button to deploy the objects.
  11. As  you can see the changes are deployed, it's that simple believe it or not. Hopefully you'll find this trick nifty.