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Manage Your KPIs with Business Intelligence Applications

July 25, 2019



With a variety of business intelligence applications at your disposal, it’s worth investigating the best and comparing your needs against each product to get the best return on your investment.

Here are three ‘must-haves’.


1. Customisable workspace

With a business intelligence application like IBM Planning Analytics, you can enjoy a single and consistent environment in which to manage your KPIs.

So whether you need to measure business performance, evaluate and alter plans, expose gaps or test-drive the impact of potential scenarios on your business activity, you can do so in an interactive, customisable workspace.


2. Predictive analytics

Combining the predictive capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics as well as self-service data discovery, IBM Planning Analytics is a business intelligence tool that injects your performance management with the exceptional capabilities of cognitive computing.




Its natural-language interface makes searches and queries easy, with fast data discovery a given. A range of time-consuming functions are automated – such as data preparation, refinement, management and analysis – so you can focus on what’s most important while always trusting that the data provided is reliable.


3. The capacity to harness both internal and external datasets

Do you have a variety of co-workers who need to leverage insights derived from both internal and external sources on a daily basis – business analysts, line-of-business managers, financial analysts and more?

Then you’ll want a solution that allows users to access business intelligence sources and enterprise resource planning programs to derive valuable information relevant to their ongoing needs. IBM Planning Analytics puts that very information in front of the people who need it most, helping them make faster, smarter decisions that are business critical.


Finding the best business intelligence applications

No matter what industry you’re in, ‘planning’ should be the beating heart of your organisation. And when compliance and consistency are essential to the ongoing success of your operations, you need a business intelligence application that doesn’t compromise on your need for solid analytics functionality.

To learn more about how IBM Planning Analytics could be the business intelligence application for you, contact Octane Software Solutions today.